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Southern Awning is a premier provider of commercial-grade awnings for nearly every residential or commercial application. Our experienced awning company is located in Lake Worth, serving West Palm Beach, and all neighboring communities with outdoor awnings, patio awnings, retractable awnings, car wash awnings, pool awnings, country club awnings, golf course awnings, carports, power screens, canopies, and resort-style pool cabanas.

We offer a variety of services to ensure that we can cover all your shading needs. Give us a call for details!

  • Commercial & Residential Awnings
  • Custom Awnings
  • Power Screens
  • Cabanas
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Awning/Power Screen Replacement
  • Carports
  • Car Washes
  • Walkway Covers


Partner with Southern Awning to beautify, shade, and protect your business. A commercial awning is an effective way to reduce energy costs, and add aesthetic enhancements to a restaurant, executive offices, a neighborhood clubhouse, and much more. In South Florida, the sun is a constant threat to interior furnishings and carpet, as well as maintaining a comfortable environment.

With a fabric awning, you can add colorful accents to your building, while blocking the sun’s heat to lower energy cost, and extend the life of your flooring and furnishings. A standout look increases customer satisfaction and adding outdoor dining increases profits.

Southern Awning also offers fabric awning carports that can keep your fleet vehicles cool, while protecting their paint and interiors from sun damage. Call today to speak with us about customizing a commercial awning solution that’s just right for your business. We look forward to working with you!


Southern Awning can help you enhance and protect your home. Residential awnings are an efficient and elegant way to accent your home, while reducing energy costs, and protecting your interior furnishings. Plus, patio and pool deck awnings are the most cost-effective way to increase your outdoor living space.

They can be engineered to accommodate ceiling fans and lighting fixtures for additional comfort. Accenting a patio awning with power screens will allow you to go from a fully open shaded patio, to a fully bug-proof outdoor living space. Our high-end, commercial-grade products will boost your outdoor space visually and provide protection from the elements. Contact us for more details!


Want to bring an elegant, resort-style look and feel to your outdoor living space? Custom cabanas are a perfect way to upgrade your private pool deck, community pool, clubhouse, and more! Southern Awning’s cabanas offer beauty, comfort, protection, and privacy for alongside swimming pools, in the garden, or in virtually any lounging area.

Our cabanas can accommodate a multitude of uses too, and we have customization options to provide you with a cabana that's just right for your needs. Our range of cabana options ensures that you get a customized solution for your patio or backyard every time you turn to Southern Awning. A cabana can be a discreet spot to towel off and change. It can serve as a poolside bar when entertaining friends and family, or even provide storage space for pool equipment. Contact us today to find out more!


Transform your outdoors with a retractable canvas awning! It’ll help keep your patio cool, whiling saving you energy. An awning helps keep energy costs down by blocking the sun's heat in warmer months. You’ll especially enjoy your outdoor living space more with the ease and functionality of our retractable canvas awnings. Retractable canvas awnings from Southern Awning allow you to add more comfort and protection to your deck or patio, in sunshine or rain. They are also great for seasonal residents, as you can simply retract to keep your awning safe during hurricane season.

For more shade, fully open your retractable awning. To take advantage of more sunlight, simply retract it. Retractable canvas awnings are a simple solution to transform your deck or patio into an open-air extension of your home. Call for more product details and be sure to ask about customization options.



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